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Never tickle a Sleeping Dragon
And this is AFTER Al-Jazeera decided to do an English version of their news in 2006! Apparently you cant please everyone as can be seen by this article.
In NYC the Time Warner Cable company decided to air Al-Jazeera news 23 hrs a day in RISE channel 92. I think the news is comprehensive, informative and presented in an unbiased fashion. However there are others who differ in opinion! To read the article, click the link below:


I think Al-Jazeera news network presents great quality news in a truly unbiased fashion--much better than the American crap we are subjected to watch morning, noon and night! Before AJ, we had to get our international news fix through the British, French and Italian news they air for 1/2 an hour on channel 25 (a local channel in our area). The article above calls Al-Jazeera anti-semitic (really? just because it's an ARAB network?). I completely disagree because I believe that AJ presents the facts in an unbiased explorative manner. I believe others can learn from them. Besides, if AJ can be considered anti-semitic (even though it's not true) then Fox News should be considered anti-intellectual.
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-A treatise on the growing cost of education in the United States

I remember as a child of the NYC public education system (back in the Dark Ages it seems) being fascinated by the sharp clack of chalk on board. Fewer sounds had a more commanding presence in the classroom. As students, we knew that when we heard the tapping of the chalk as the teacher wrote that the lesson had officially begun. A felt tip dry erase marker just doesn't have the same gravitas.

--> Now if that isn't a KILLER opening gambit for a treatment, I don't know what is!
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Believe it or not, its true. It seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And she's only 16!!! SIXTEEN! At sixteen, I was still watching Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly OddParents, hanging out with my friends, cruising the mall, doing homework!! At 16, I was busy being a KID! Damn. You know what would be a shame though? If she wound up a better parent than her older sister Britney! hehe!

Think: by her 17th bday, she'll be changing diapers. Britney doesn't know yet either. She's going to find out from a 6 page article in OK! magazine which hits newsstands tomorrow! I'd want to know if I were her and if JL were my little sis. Apparently, their family is very very dysfunctional. I can already see miles-long therapy bills in Sean Preston and Jayden James' future. Let's hope this kid has better luck :/.
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You know what I hate about picking up the phone? Nobody tells you who they are. In most asian cultures it is considered impertinent for a young person to ask an older person what their name is. I dont know why. Everyone, no matter if they're family or if you just met them last week, if they're older than you they are either called "Chachee"/Auntie or "Chachoo"/Uncle. If by chance you call someone "Rachel Auntie", that's it. They'll carry a bad impression of you foreeeeevvveerr! You are expected to know and remember their voice, not ask their name and relay said information onto your parents.

These rules are so stupid and have caused a lot of confusion in our house!

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Ugh. I just watched 1 hour of "30 Minute Meals" with Rachel Ray and I have to say: hate the new kitchen. Its too orange, the cabinets. It looks tacky. The old kitchen was better looking. I mean the color scheme was still warm, but the huge blocks of color were broken up so it looked harmonious and pleasing to the eye. This new one is an eye sore. And what's up with the opening intro? Its not mouth-watering anymore. Before there were carrots, bell peppers, and chili pepers with onions and scallions and garlics roasting--YUM-O!! Now its just her manipulating some signs. There's nothing special about that! I guess she just wants to infuse all 30 minutes of the stupid show with herself. Talk about narcissism. And funnily, I didn't notice until now just how annoying her voice really is.

*sigh* Why do things have to change? I guess I'm just in a depressed mood right now, what with the Harry Potter saga ending.. :(

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I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night and I dont know how I'm supposed to feel. It feels like the end of an era, like saying good-bye to an old friend. It feels weird that there will be no more books after this! I didnt realize how much time I spend anticipating the next Harry Potter book. When the third book came out I wrote theories for the fourth one, when the fourth one came out I wrote theories for the fifth one (I was very young and had a LOT of time on my hands ok?) I did the same for the fifth and sixth and now that I've finished the seventh, I cant believe that its over! I'm majorly sad. I feel like a chapter in my life has closed. Silly, huh? I didnt realize how much I've modeled my own life after Harry's. I realize now that I've also grown with Harry. I pretty much spent my formative years reading him and I've sort of modeled myself in his image. I dont mean that I'm scrawny with glasses or anything, but I really like his characteristics. I've learned to be braver, learned to speak up against adversity, learned to ask questions in class (I was PAINFULLY shy growing up!). I've also learned the value of friendships: how to be loyal to your friends and how to inspire loyalty from others.

This is my little homage to Harry Potter. The seventh book was wicked awesome and I'm sad to see it go.

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Ha! Can yo believe this?! I'm NC-17? hehe kewl! I'm tough!

Free Online Dating

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Apparently, I use too much "shit" "hurt" "pissed" "ass" "bitch" "crap"

um...are those even bad words?
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I'm shocked. I've just heard that John Inman died. I"m so sad :(. He became famous for playing Mr Humphries in "Are You Being Served?" His colorful character and free-spirited personality made him '76's Funniest Man On Television.

"Are You Being Served?" is one of my favorite shows in all time. I'm really sad because just last week the show was lifted from BBC America to make room for "My Hero." Its almost symbolic...

This news didnt come as a surprise for those who knew him.  He had been suffering for a long time from Hepatitis A.  Wendy Richard, who played Miss Brahms in "AYBS", stated that at least now he is released from this pain. 

I'm really shocked because I was just thinking about him earlier today when I was surfing the internet.  Rest in Peace John Inman :D.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Humphries!  As he would say on his show, "I'm Free!"

(For a report of the news, you can click this: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17524047/?GT1=9145)

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Hey!! wow!! DID you see Masterpiece Theatre yet??

If you haven't, here are the top 12: (beware of spoiler alerts!! Don't say i didn't warn you!!)


12. "Jeeves and Wooster" (1990)
11. "Wives and Daughters" (1999)
10. The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders" (1996)
9. "Reckless" (1997)
8. House of Cards (1990)
7. "Poldark" (1975)
6. "The Jewel in the Crown" (1984)
5. Prime Suspect (1991)
4. "Bleak House" (2005)
3. "I, Claudius" (1976)
2. "The Forsyte Saga" (2002)
1. "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971)

Got them all? hehe I wasn't surprised that Forsyte Saga made second. It is so emotionally riling! I am sad to see that "Pride and Prejudice" (1995) didnt make it on the list :( Its one of my favorites!
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I was pissed off at a particular person in my life and this quiz just perked me right up :D
Thanks alixkat!
Emotional, huh?


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com
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I stumbled upon this completely by accident in this comm I joined called wallpapers and I'm so pleased. Its simple but arty and totally me! I mean who doesn't like hot chocolate?!

If you want to adopt this lovely wall for your own just go here
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Its my sister's birthday today!! :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It sucks that she's so far away but we can always properly celebrate when she's back home.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yes, I would do that :P the hungry monster that I am!

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Yay! The month of starving is OVER!!! I jest, ofcourse. I will truly miss this month of sacrifice, prayer and introspection (because that's what I've been doing all month long...really). In all seriousness, as I was fasting yesterday and thinking that this would be the last day of fasting this year, I cried a little. As we grow older we become more aware of our own mortality. Who knows? I may not even live to see another Ramadan. I wish I had made more of this month. Ramadan is an extraspecial time of year because we can repent for all the sins we have accumulated during the year and start ALL OVER again with a clean slate...like a baby's. I was sad to see it go :*(

And guess what?
I lost 5 POUNDS!!
*happy happy joy joy happy happy joy!*
Now I'm no where near size 00 (like who would want to be?!?) but I feel lighter and a lot better :D I'm just going to have to keep to my strict eating regiment and minimalistic exercise routine (lifing 10oz Jergens lotion bottles for 12 sets) and I'll be good to go.

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Next door neighbor is making so much noise! I mean what does one have to hammer (and trust me, those noises are hammering noises and just a second ago, there was an eerie "Mad Scientist" laugh...twice. Should I be worried?) at 10:30 at night?!? I mean honestly! Have some respect for the non-insomniacs out there!

I just peered out the window and all I see is a dim light in their backyard, a small flame next to the roses and a barbecue grill...hmm...interesting. Either they're planning an impromptu Autumnal Barbeque Bash or some obscure voodoo ritual involving the branding of hot coals onto helpless doll figurines. All I hear is some garbled Polish-speak. Again that laugh. Somebody hand me a chainsaw.

Anyway, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you'll know about the amount of hype a certain website going by the name Youtube has been stirring. Youtube is a online video sharing host site. You can basically post your videos and those that are registered can view them. Well, I got totally hooked on it over the summer--especially by the ongoing saga of LonelyGirl15. She is a girl name Bree who was born in New Zealand but is currently living in California (I think. The details are sketchy). Anyway, being the mystery and intrigue junkie that I am, I got hooked immediately. She tells just enough about her life to keep us hooked but not enough to tell you everything.

Lots of people began suspecting that she wasn't real. Everything was just choreographed to well to be a "home video." The lighting was superb, the editing was immaculate, even her dialogue seemed too...rehearsed? While she may be a good actress (she plays the part of an awkward 16-year-old so well), Bree isnt a professional yet. And, indeed, we were right :D. Some people felt betrayed but I think its all in good fun. (For a list of all her videos, go to www.lonelygirl15.com. But make sure to scroll down to the bottom so that you can watch all the videos from the very beginning.)

A very interesting debate came up among the viewers during the zenith of her reign: is she part of a cult? Her religion, which she talks about avidly, seems to be so mysterious that even her "best friend" Daniel gets freaked out and indeed if you look closely at the left side of her room, there seems to be the portrait of a man set up behind a candelabra. Of course this intriguing tidbit could not go overlooked, so the low-lives of Youtube (which I confess I may be considered a part of *sheepish grin*) did some research and found out that it is the portrait of a man named Aleister Crowley, "renowned British occultist, hedonist and sexual revolutionary", famously dubbed "The Wickedest Man In The World" (according to Wikipedia).  Apparently his roots still exist today in the study of Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard once said, "Scientology started when Aleister Crowley died." (RUN KATIE RUN!!)


I want a kitty.

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I just learned how to make a screenshot of my mac!  How cool is that?? If anyone wishes to know where I've suddenly learned my genius, you will (and I will) be ashamed to know its from Mr O'Rielly...*sigh* I hate giving away secrets.
 anyway.  Its easy enough to do on a PC, but on a Mac is completely different.  Ah, what the hell, just go here:  http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2006/01/01/mac-os-x-screenshot-secrets.html.  Have fun!

Anyways, I'm gonna bask in my Internet Savvy stupor for a while longer and then go back to the dull boring life of a collegian.

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Some of you wanted to know what happened with that situation where that guy insulted me. 
I went to him two mondays ago (which also happened to be 9/11) to confront him on what he said, and like a true...well whatever he is (frankly I'm too tired for insults today and I'm a little ashamed at the language I used on that entry.  Not like me at all!)...he didnt acknowledge his actions.  Truly, I dont care anymore.  I did my bit, I requested an apology and he wasn't man enough to give it.  That is fine. by. me.  I wash my hands of him.  I can rest my conscience now.  Atleast I tried (oddly reminiscent of Clinton's words this weekend, no? hehe)

The closest thing to an apology he gave me during that minute and a half interrogation was, "I'm sorry you took it that way."  It seems that everyone in the world nowadays is reluctant to take blame for their actions, from the pope to the president to the ordinary layman.  Shame.  I just take to ignoring him now.  Frankly, I dont think a bigot like that is worthy of my time :D

I must say that I think it's all rather anticlimactic.  I think I was expecting some sort of showdown, where I would come out victorious; but this is just as good and a lot less gory :)
I feel like giving myself a pat on the back for conducting myself with dignity and poise befitting a Queen when all I wanted to do was go all Smackdown on his ass.
*pats back*
Now, I think I'll go ahead and celebrate :D

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As you may know, over the weekend, FOX5 tried to blame Clinton for what's going on in Iraq today.  I felt that everyone went ahead and rode that bandwagon.  Dont get me wrong.  I am not a huge fan of Clinton, myself.  But when Chris Wallace lured Clinton into his studio under false pretenses on sunday to "call him out" on the Iraq War Blame Game, I felt appalled!  Everyone knows that FOX5 is in the Bush administration's back pocket.  And to act so unprofessional as to not even apologize for your deviousness?  Shame on you Wallace, shame on you. 

I have just watched a video that totally expresses my concerns about the administration and I am glad that there is someone out there who is so sick of Dubya that he could spit on him...and much more, but I dont wish to get too graphic, lest I get carried away :D.  I was yelling "YESYESYES!!" all throughout the video because Keith Olbermann just says everything we've all been thinking.  Its a pretty lengthy video (about 10-11 mins).

Enjoy!  And I hope it makes you feel as validated as it did me :D

Don't cha just looove the way he speaks??

And another equally lengthy video but so totally worth it, on the 9/11 anniversary that just passed:

Great stuff!

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I'm so pissed off right now. I just realized that someone this wednesday has done me a great injustice and I just let it go. I just wonder why it takes me so long to realize that someone has backhanded me and left me reeling.

There is this asshat in my computer class who was spewing some nonsensical shit throughout class next to me. I wished I could have shut him up by stuffing my foot in his mouth, smelly shoes and all. Anyways, all of a sudden he asked me, "Where are you from?" I told him. He looked at me with this stupid smirk on his face and he said in a really low voice, "I know you. I know your daddy." I'm like WTF? I swear, I just felt chilly all over. My fingers became numb and I felt my heartrate increase, like how one feels right before a fight. My head felt light and I felt like someone was sucking the air from the room. Why did I feel like that? I just felt like something bad was about to happen and I was prepping myself for it. He continued, in that same voice, "He's hiding in a cave in Afghanistan isn't he? He's probably some fucking Muslim, isnt he? Does he have a long beard and shit like that?"

I have to give myself credit for keeping it together at that moment. All I felt like doing was taking the keyboard in front of me and smacking him across the face with it, ya know? Just swinging away. Instead, because I'm a better person than him, I looked at him and I'm like, "That's just wrong man. Why would you say something like that? You dont know me." I could have gotten all hysterical, but I dont like hysterics. I believe you can say a lot more with your expressions than your words. Infact, a low voice and stony expression can say a LOT more than anything else. My nostrils flared and my fingers shook. (My fingers are shaking right now just typing this!) He just laughed it off, saying, "I'm just joking with you. I didnt mean it." Needless to say, I didnt speak to him for the rest of the period. He was asking me a slew of questions, but it took me every single fiber of my being to keep myself from grabbing his face and scratching away (Hey, I'm a girl! I can do that!!!)

What happened there? Sure I was pissed off at the time, but now I feel like going into a killing rampage. Why did I let it go? Why didnt it bother me at the time? That's the thing with me. I dont feel the full impact of something until a few days later. (I was brushing my teeth this morning when it fully hit me what that guy said. I yelled out "Son of a Bitch!" I really hope noone heard me :P) Why is that? The same thing happened with 9/11. I didnt realize how close my dad came to dying until 9/16 or 17. When I think about it I cry.

I saw the asshole again on thursday, but he didn't dare look at me. I would like to think he was scared (what I would give in inspire that kind of fear in people!) but he was probably ashamed, as I like to think. But then again, he probably wasn't.

Not many people have pissed me off so much since 9/11. I know what he said to me was a racial slur and only one other person has made me feel so bad. It was a WWII vet who has since then passed away, I think, or moved. He told me while I was walking to school one day that me and my kind should just drop dead or move back to our country (that is the watered down version. There was a lot of cursing and hand gestures involved and you dont need me to tell you which ones!). It really hurt me to hear such things, but I forgave him. He was old and all he's held dear to him was changing too fast and he couldnt keep up. I can understand that. But to be young and with no excuse (I'm sure that guy in my class wasn't drunk!) and dare to say something like that and then, AND THEN laugh it off and say "It was a joke!"...GRRRRR!! Even Mel Gibson had an excuse and he said "I'm sorry." They accused him of being anti-semitic for just saying some shit but can I call him "anti-Muslim" for saying that?? He had no excuse, he wasn't drunk! He didn't even say "I'm sorry"!! Its assfucks like that that really get my hackles up!

And I'm gonna have to have class with that asshat for the rest of the semester. He better not look at me once, because I'm gonna buy a baseball bat and break him.

I wish I could go back in time and do that to everyone who's irritated me. I want to hurt everyone who's made me feel this small all the time. Why I didnt think much of it at the time eludes me. And you know, its not so much insulting me as it is insulting those I love. I can defend myself. I'm stronger than that! I can take someone's shit! I dont let it get to me! But when someone involves my FAMILY?! When they say shit like that about people I love and they're not there to defend themselves? I feel like coming after then with a mallet, smashing their head in, wearing stilettos and stomping on their groin and pulling a Lorena Bobbit and CUTTING IT OFF!

I want to hurt Nick Stein from high school for saying my dad looks like a "devil." And he said it behind my back too! Son of a bitch! He doesnt know my father!! How DARE he say that?? Atleast my father is not locked up and has a restraining order slapped on him because he abused his family! Why Nick felt he had to air his dirty laundry to everyone in class, I'll never know. I think he just wanted some pity. And the bastard wonders why I said no when he asked me out...

I hate it when people say shit about my family. If they're not there to defend themselves, I have to defend their honor. This ass named Jack said that my brother was a loser (this was back in HS and he was a senior--my brothers age--while I was a sophmore.) That is the one time I remember standing up for myself and telling him off. I felt so good afterwards. I came home that day and I cried. I'd never stood up for myself before then and I was so proud of myself for doing that. I dont tell my brother I love him, but I really do and it bothers me when people who don't know him talk shit about him. I think that's why I feel doubly bad about wednesday.

There were two times in my life when 2 men talked shit about my father. And I didnt defend him either time. I felt so bad when Nick did it and I didnt defend my dad. I think this was Allah's way of letting me find some peace--of letting me defend my dad so I can move on. Do you know how many times I've daydreamed of going up to Nick and telling him off for not only saying that about my father but not having the balls to say it in my face?? God! I missed a great opportunity on wednesday by not saying anything. I'm not going to let it get away from me!

I dont believe in turning the other cheek when people hurt you. Our Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) didnt believe in that either. When push comes to shove, you have to push back and hurt back as badly as you were hurt. Had he let people walk over him all the time, Islam wouldnt be as great a religion as it is. I can't let a slur like that go unpunished.

I'll see him again on Monday. I am going to take him aside and demand an apology. But I'll be good about it. I wont get angry. I believe in being reasonable. I've vented my anger so I should be okay. It may seem like too much but it would mean a lot to me to make him apologize for what he said. I need to do this.

I feel so tired now. My back hurts. Hate/venting hate really takes a lot out of you! I think I'm gonna lie down now.

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I've been away for a while havent I?

My dad decided I should be getting a Dell. That was good news even though I havent used a Dell in YEARS!   (ok, not years... I use it in school and all that)

Suddenly: On the 28th of August, as I was getting up at a fairly early 10:15am (early for me on a non-school day!), when UPS came and my dad rushed out to get the laptop. *Squee!!*
I didnt know my father had ordered one yet (the way he goes, I thought I would be without one for another month-well into school year).

So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box addressed to me to find a laptop! And not just any laptop: the MACBOOK!! My sister bought this for me for school! I couldnt believe it!

I love my sister! I cant believe she bought this for me! *SQUEE!*  And then my sister's boyfriend, Han, downloaded Microsoft Office for me!!  *DOUBLE SQUEE!!*  My life is COMPLETE!!  I can die now in peace!  haha not! I'm sorry people, you ain't gonna be that lucky!!

P.S.- I was holding off posting this until I downloaded the program I needed to upload pics from the camera to my comp.  Took me a while, didnt it?!  :D yea, I'm <i>that</i> computer savvy!  I just have to learn how to take better pics now! :P

Anyways, I got really happy and started personalizing the shzz nizz  (is that even how you say it?) outta this! :D

Oh yea, here's a macbook abuse case:

Enjoy!  The kitty is cute, but I feel so sorry for the comp!  I think I cringed for the poor laptop during some of the scenes.  But Macs can take it :D

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If you haven't seen "Inside Man" with Clive Owen, Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster, then what are you waiting for?! I have to say its the best thing Spike Lee has ever done. It explores scene and the investigation of a bank robbery, Washington as the detective in charge, Owen as the bank robber and Jodie Foster as the seductive but deadly "cover-upper".

My favorite quote of the movie:
Dalton Russell (aka Clive Owen): "I'm no martyr. I did it for the money. But it's not worth much if you can't face yourself in the mirror. Respect is the ultimate currency. I was stealing from a man who traded his away for a few dollars. And then he tried to wash away his guilt. Drown it in a lifetime of good deeds and a sea of respectability. It almost worked, too. But inevitably, the further you run from your sins, the more exhausted you are when they catch up to you. And they do. Certain. It will not fail."
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